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Abs start in the kitchen

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Running as one….together

One couple, two speeds
One couple, different fitness levels
One couple, different styles

But this couple still run together as one.

For the first time I ran with my fiancé by her side. She is slower than me so naturally I can do the same distance around 10-12 mins faster maybe more.

She suggested we go for a run, I wasn’t feeling too well but thought I should get moving. I decided I would run with her, help myself and help her. The result was amazing.

I realised that I didn’t need to always push myself and the fact I was jogging was still something to be proud of. I’m never going to run competitively because I know I don’t have the willpower or dedication to commit to the amount of hours I would need to train for something like a marathon. I realised that trying to improve my times was through ego rather than necessity.

So me and my fiancé jogged, I was still burning calories but now I felt like I was helping her and encouraging her to improve her speed and running style. She told me how she likes how I seem to bounce and glide when I run and she attempted to emulate this with her style and by doing so her pace improved. We only jogged for 30mins in the rain but by the end I felt she was jogging at a speed that was worthy of a decent pace for a relaxed but worth while jog.

Today we have a 5k planned. I know I can do this in 25mins at my best (this happened once and I was close to death by the end) and her best is 35 mins or so but this doesn’t bother me because we will be together as one and running side by side.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed” – Napoleon Hill

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Start jogging today. Anything is better than nothing.

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The joggers mind

The joggers mind is a lonely place, where only you can set the pace. You set off knowing your goals but wondering if they will be reached. You know the route like the back of your hand, you could run it in your sleep but today feels different they feel more alone. The Beats go on to free the music pounding and comforting their ears but this just reminds you of the personal struggle you are about to face.

Today it’s only 5k. The word only echoes in the mind because it’s been conquered before many a time but as you jog you realise you will have to jog back. This daunting fact lingers and lingers but still your legs take you. You want to continue because you know you can do it and your legs won’t let you stop, but then your mind becomes your enemy and your friend. You realise you don’t know which is which, would your friend tell you to carry on and increase the distance from home or would they know you need to turn back and encourage you to stop? Maybe your enemy is your friend. Still the legs continue and the Beats stay on.

Suddenly you’re half way. You wonder how and feel proud. Time to turn back and run the rest of the way back. You feel good, you have come this far, surely you can make it back. But there is a problem, your mind and legs have switched sides, your mind wants you and wills you to carry on but the legs are weary. They realise they have been carrying you all the way there but the thought of you taking back is too much. If your legs could talk they would say “why didn’t you listen to your mind earlier, I could have taken you back before.” Stopping seems like an option,your legs tell you to and just walk as they need rest, but your mind says no, don’t listen, if we stop and walk it will take longer. You know you can’t stop, every jogger knows once you stop to walk it’s harder to start again. Much like a car that stops and starts, you know this wastes more petrol in the long run.

Landmarks become your ally in this battle, they signal that victory is close and even though your the only competitor secretly you’ll know you have defeated two of your fiercest rivals if you can make it.

The legs died long ago, you wonder how you are still going. You realise your mind is stronger than you think. It has the power to stop you but also empower you. Right now you are empowered and this feeling sees you through. When you stop your mind congratulates you and your legs thank you and in turn you thank both. Today they both played a big part. Both body and mind are needed when it comes to exercise. One helps you start whilst the other helps you finish.


Wild Rice Salad with Pomegranate & Roasted Squash

With The Grains

January 2013

Though I have visually feasted my way through the food magazines strewn across my dining room table, all too often my meal choices remain unaffected by their inspiration. However, life is all too short to fill with the same old routines. One of my [loosely defined] goals for the new year is to eat better balanced, more varied meals (don’t let blogging fool you, I too fall victim to last minute scraping and convenience), so I started simply. I dogeared one recipe to try; I shopped appropriately, and voila…

Wild Rice Salad 01

A healthy bowl full of colors emerged!

Wild Rice Salad 02

I adapted this recipe ever so slightly from one of the Bon Appétit issues in said dining room collection. This rice salad is substantial enough to stand alone, or pair it with a dijon roasted salmon for a more mixed plate. In an effort to be resourceful (and maybe in some subconscious, knee-jerk…

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15 Great Book Titles (And Covers)

Some I have read. Shadow in the wind is a great book.

boy with a hat

The Shadow of the Wind

shadow of the wind cover

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How to make great food taste even better

This one is simpler than you think and I found it out yesterday. The key to this is simple, exercise before you eat.

This may seem confusion but I will briefly explain. After me and my fiancé finished exercising last night and finally ate, we enjoyed the food just as we normally would but there was a difference. I turned to her and said “food always tastes so much better after you have exercised. Rather than just adding you are instead replenishing”.

Remember next time you want to eat rather than exercise, even if you do a 5 minute workout, your food will taste so much better afterwards.


No Easy Days

Thus is very true

advocare distributor

Image The only way to get stronger is to add more resistance! The biggest amount of resistance is the amount that it takes to get into a workout, whether that be the early morning jog or the daily trek to the gym.

The feeling inside stokes the flames of desire that drive the better you to come to the surface. That battle is fought and won everyday. The victories will be greater with time and your efforts will show.

To  see the results of your work you must have the right nutrtion entering the body and the supplements to fill in the gaps and accelerate the progress. Through continued fitness you will overcome excuses and rebuild the outer you to be the better you that you always felt. The only easy day was yesterday and that is because it is over.

Let me help you connect to connect the to the…

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Nuggets of truth.

Great quote

Tales of a Slightly Stressed Student!

The following is one of my all time favourite quotes and always inspiring to me. I hope you enjoy it too.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose l Jim Elliot l vintage

Image taken from Pinterest.

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But we remember our promise to exercise

We get home we share a hug
We sit down we and we stretch out
The temptation grows to stay this way
But we remember our promise to exercise

Five more minutes we say
Let’s watch this first we say
I need a drink first we say
It’s getting late we say
But we remember our promise to exercise

Work clothes off
Underwear left on
Draws opened
Gym clothes found
Now we are dressed

Insanity is ready and so are we
We stand and wait
We look back at the sofa
Think about turning and sitting down
But we remember our promise to exercise

Something a bit different today but the message is the same, do the exercise you promised yourself. Don’t sit and don’t wait. Defeat that east option and battle the hard option. You may not ever defeat the hard option but don’t let it defeat you!!!